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*** INTRODUCING The new ***

“Altrol Energy Savings PARTNERSHIP”.


Just what we thought:  YOU do.

Now you can enjoy these and other benefits by enrolling in the Altrol Energy Partnership Program.  Here are the major benefits, built to fit your needs:

  • A yearly tune-up of your heating system.
  • A yearly plumbing inspection and water heater service.
  • You’ll receive priority service scheduling...24/7;
  • You’ll pay no overtime charges for after-hours, weekend, and holiday service calls;
  • We’ll notify you in advance of your annual service call to make sure you don’t miss this all-important service;
  • Our precision tune-ups and inspections are each a 32-step process…if there’s a more thorough check-up out there, it’s news to us.  Once the inspection is completed, we’ll give you a copy of our written report;
  • Save 10% on all service calls; including plumbing and appliance calls.
  • Save 10% on a new boiler or furnace installation.

So where do the energy savings come in?  Check it out:

  • A well-maintained heating or air conditioning system will run more efficiently…and greater efficiency means lower energy bills.
  • Annual service will also help prevent major repair bills AND extend the life of your system for even greater savings…potentially MUCH greater.

And let’s not forget greater peace of mind…certainly one of the very top benefits of our Energy Savings Club.

Covered Systems

When you become a Partner, you can choose coverage for your furnace or boiler (gas or oil), your plumbing system…or a combination thereof.

Time to Join the Partnership?

If saving money and gaining valuable peace of mind are high on your list of priorities, and we’re confident they are… then now’s the time to join.

Contact us today. We’re ready to partner with you now.

If you are looking for a Fairbanks Heating, Cooling, Plumbing contractor then please call 907.452.8680 or complete our online request form.


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